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My service is 7 days a week starting at 10am.


My service is centrally in East Geelong located.


My charges are really quiet reasonable see below..

Price List

  • Business Shirts $1.80
  • Business Pants $2.20
  • T-Shirts long $1.20
  • Folded Assortment $14 per Hour
  • Dresses $2.20
  • Ladies Shirts $1.80
Ironing secrets to save you money !

Nothing is as heart-warming and enticing on a Monday morning than the fresh set of well ironed clothes in the wardrobe. It makesIroning Secrets that Will Save You A lot of Money the Monday blues take a walk for the moment as you are swallowed in the euphoria of another fresh week ahead and boosts your spirits. That is the good part, now the bad. Do you love ironing or the cleaner dry cleaner from across the street is always punctual every Saturday morning to pick up the dirty clothes to handle the rest? It is ok if you outsource your ironing in Geelong but there are some simple basic ironing secrets that can not only make you enjoy working on your own clothes, but will save you a fortune.the ironing lady You may not have an idea when you last set your eyes on the iron box. It is ok, hunt it down and wipe off the dust from the ironing board since you have no idea when you last put it into any meaningful use. To enjoy ironing, work on that piece of clothe you adore most, unless you totally have no idea how to handle an iron box. In that case, a test run is recommended on any of the fabrics you don’t mind administering some accidental burns and extra lines on.

To enjoy ironing your clothes, start with the back of the collars and carefully ironing the tiny crevices to remove any form of minute creases. Do it repeatedly and steady until you are convinced that all the creases have been removed. You can then move to yoke of the shirt and gradually press a small area each time with careful, well calculated strokes. Move to the sleeves, cuffs and the front of the shirt and then the back. Please note that the back has the most creases that are usually more pronounced and easily visible. Observe this procedure on all the other shirts and you will get immeasurable results.

There are a few other factors that you must bear in mind like the type of fabric you are ironing. This is one of the best ironing secrets that you must observe, in fact, it is like law. Different fabrics have varied ironing requirements that you must observe if you hope to retain the quality for a longer period of time. Just another thing, don’t mix colors of the fabrics; start off with the white clothes and then the dark ones and never the other way round.

By merely observing these basic ironing secrets you can save yourself a lot of money that you pay for your ironing service. After a few months, you may even save enough to buy yourself the latest design from your highly regarded designer!

I discovered pam quiet by accident , but are super happy with my discovery, saves me heaps of time each week and offers great value.
I used to do my own ironing but wanted to get a bit more time for myself pam Is conveniently located so it's easy for me to pick up.
Pam has ironed my uniforms for many years and provided a very reliable service.
If you need a professional Ironing job then Please Call 0433443531