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Why The Ironing Lady ?


My service is 7 days a week starting at 10am.


My service is centrally in East Geelong located.


My charges are really quiet reasonable see below..

Price List

  • Business Shirts $1.80
  • Business Pants $2.20
  • T-Shirts long $1.20
  • Folded Assortment $14 per Hour
  • Dresses $2.20
  • Ladies Shirts $1.80
About Pam - ironing Lady!

Clothes are basic human needs and we spend millions on them to have them fill our wardrobes. We are quick to go for the latest trends in the market from the ironing lady the best designers and wear them to special occasions. Not only do we buy clothes but other fabric products like bed sheets and covers, window curtains, seat covers and a lot more of stuff that require regular cleaning and ironing. Washing is not a hobby of many people, thanks to the introduction of washing machines, all you have to do is let the dry cleaner to the work for you. So what next after you have dry clean clothes; you need to iron them to retain the quality. If you can handle it on your own, that is perfect, but in most cases you require the services of an ironing lady.

The ironing lady Be it for domestic ironing needs or for commercial ironing service, you need to hire the services of a competent ironing lady who understands first, the value of your fabrics and second, won't dare mess them up. Failure to hire a competent ironing lady will definitely result in either poorly ironed clothes, that may lose its shape, more lines on your shirts and trousers than a zebra or even more tragic, an burned fabric from an overheated iron box.

You need to understand how to choose the best ironing lady in Geelong to steer away from the above mentioned risks. The first quality her understanding of different fabrics and how each fabric needs to be handled, especially on the amount of the iron heat. This is one factor that many ironing ladies may understand basically but if the work is voluminous especially for a commercial laundry, they may still end up using the same ironing heat used on cotton on some other material like polyester. Remember, if anything happens to your client's fabrics, you will have to bear the consequences.

Another factor that you need to look for is the experience the ironing lady has in ironing. Experience is said to be the best teacher and you don't have to attend a fabric ironing class to understand how to handle some basic ironing activities like reading the iron heat amount that is always on the collars of the clothes. Further to that, an experienced iron lady will save you the training and orientation pain on simple activities like ironing against the grain of a piece of clothes

Other factors you need to look into when choosing the right ironing lady is the ability to operate different machines and obviously the fee she charges. Be very careful as some simple mistakes in ironing can deprive you of your best fabrics, especially if you engage the service of a novice ironing lady thats why you need The Ironing Lady Geelong.

I discovered pam quiet by accident , but are super happy with my discovery, saves me heaps of time each week and offers great value.
I used to do my own ironing but wanted to get a bit more time for myself pam Is conveniently located so it's easy for me to pick up.
Pam has ironed my uniforms for many years and provided a very reliable service.
If you need a professional Ironing job then Please Call 0433443531